A diverse range of exciting land, sea and air activities are waiting for you when you visit our inspiring city and the surrounding 5 regions of the Western Cape. Delight in local flair at our events, both big and small, and celebrate our culture through unique tourism experiences.

beaufort west

The main road was named after Sir Rufane Donkin, who lost his beloved wife and was so devastated that he had her heart embalmed and carried it with him until he died ā€“ her heart was buried with him in England.The town is probably best known as the bi...more

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

The reserve covers an area of 263ha along the rocky stretch of coastline with numerous inlets and coves. This area was declared a nature reserve in December 1973. The vegetation of typical West Coast veld ranges from the well-known West Coast fynbos ...more

The Ladi B&B

A small and  Quaint B&B which is conveniently situated on the popular Route 62.  Only the best service is provided.  Conrad en Joyce welcome guests for a great stay with friendly service and warm hospitality....more